Our Story

When interior designer Grace (IXA Founder)decided to decorate her new home, she felt frustrated with the curtain options available. The stores she visited offered only stiff, uninspiring styles at astonishing prices. This left her feeling dismayed, realizing she wasn't alone—her friends shared the same sentiment. Therefore, Grace and her friends decided to create IXA Curtains—a curtain brand that caters to women's aesthetic and home needs. She leveraged her keen designer's aesthetic, visited numerous top-tier curtain fabric suppliers both domestically and abroad, and carefully selected materials that were both exquisite and environmentally friendly. Prioritizing sustainability at every step and striving to reduce costs without compromising quality and craftsmanship, IXA Curtains aims to make customizing curtains affordable for every user.

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Embrace personalized customization

We embrace personalized customization because every customer is unique, and each piece of IXA Curtains is uniquely crafted for you. Because curtains are not frequently replaced, we hope each replacement can be tailored to your space as much as possible, hence we advocate for personalized customization. Under IXA Curtains, you're not just a homeowner, but an art connoisseur. Our mission is to create a healthy, comfortable space for your home.


Get inspired with our customer gallery for perfect curtains and drapes. Our collection offers styles from classic to modern, traditional to eclectic. Browse to see real home setups and discover new décor ideas.