Hanging Header Style

Double French Pleat

  • It creates a formal and elegant look.
  • Double french pleats are more gathered than other headings and havepermanent sewn-in pleats for a more luxurious look.
  • It works for the track, traverse rod, channel rod, and pole with rings.Hooks are included but rings are NOT included.
  • Rings are usually purchased with the curtain rod to match the color.


  • It is a popular choice for contemporary space.
  • Grommets come in silver by default, inner diameter is 1.6"
  • 6 grommets for 39 in wide, The distance between grommets is 6.7".
  • It only works with curtain rods. Not for tracks.
  • It is designed without added fullness,Multiple your window width by 22.5 to create the fullness you desire, default by 2.

Rod Pocket

  • The rod pocket is 3.2"(8CM) in height, which will fit a rod less than 1.5" in diameter. We can make a bigger pocket also, please let us know before you place the order if you want a bigger pocket
  • It is designed without added fullness. It can be hung flat or made into pleats. Multiply your window width by 1.5-2.5 to create the fullness you desire.
  • If rod length is 100 inches, consider 200% width for fullness, folds, order 2 panels each 100 inches wide.
  • It works for rod or rod with clip rings

Double Tailored Pleat

  • Tailor pleats design offers unparalleled convenience, with versatile curtain tape knitted onto the top of the curtain panel. Curtain hooks can be pinned to the tape to create various heading styles, allowing for easy customization
  • Metal pin hooks are included.
  • Length is measured from the eyelet ring where the curtain hooks are attached to floor
  • It works for the track, traverse rod, channel rod, and pole with rings.



  • Header: 4 kinds of hanging methods.
  • Rod pocket, back tab, flat hook and hook belt, work for rod, track and traverse rod.
  • 3 inches rod pocket size
  • Hooks included,Rod clip rings are not included