How To Cleaning Curtains At Home?

How To Cleaning Curtains At Home? - ixacurtains

Our curtains are more than just home accessories. As they dutifully block sunlight and dust, their appeal adds an artistic touch to our spaces. However, questions like- "Do new curtains need to be washed? How often should I clean my curtains?" are quite common. For answers to all these and much more, follow along, for we are about to decode the secrets of curtain cleaning.

No.1 Do New Curtains Need to Be Washed?

from curtain dyes used during production, may be prominent. To get rid of it, we recommend airing them out on your sunny balcony before installing. Akin to washing new clothes to remove the factory smell, it's a good idea to do the same with your curtains.

No.2 How to Clean Your Curtains?

Once the factory odor is dealt with, begin with eliminating dust using your trusted vacuum cleaner. Then take it a step further with the steam cleaner for a thorough sterilization process. Alternatively, if steam cleaning isn't an option, dry and ventilate them. Although this process is slower, it’s unquestionably effective.

No.3 What Should You Pay Attention to When Cleaning Different Types of Curtains?

Attention to fabric is key while undertaking curtain cleaning. Here's a brief rundown on how unique fabrics demand distinctive methods:

  • Regular Fabric Curtains: Pre-soak them in a saltwater bath for half an hour to prevent color fading. Wash using your machine, followed by air-drying to preserve their drape.
  • Electrostatic Flocking Curtains: A cotton cloth dipped in essence and gasoline works wonders. Follow it up with gentle hand-washing and air-drying to maintain their fluff and overall appearance.
  • Velvet Curtains: Known for their tendency to deform, hand-press velvet curtains underwater, and allow them to dry naturally.
  • Blinds: A simple damp cloth treatment post a water and polish spray is best for maintenance.
  • Natural materials like Cotton and Linen: These fabrics, prone to shrink, are better dealt with steam cleaning than conventional washing.
No.4 Do curtains need to be air-dried?
Velvet curtains must be laid flat on a hanger for thorough drying before being rehung. Other curtains can be directly hung up to dry after washing.

No.5 How Often Should Curtains Be Washed?

To enhance the longevity of your curtains, dust them every two months and plan a wash every six months to a year. Remember, frequent washing may hasten wear and tear.

If circumstances permit, you can consider hiring a professional curtain cleaning service. It might be a worthy investment for the longevity and appealing look of your curtains.

Have any more questions? Feel free to drop them in the comments, and we'd be happy to address them. Here's to cleaner and more beautiful curtains!