How To Select The Best Blackout Curtains For Bedroom?

How To Select The Best Blackout Curtains For Bedroom? - ixacurtains

Bedroom curtains are one of the important decorations in the bedroom, not only can they beautify the overall feel of the bedroom, but they can also adjust the light and protect privacy. 

So, who is suitable for using blackout curtains?
  • People who have shallow sleep and can't sleep well once there is light;
  • Children. Because children's height growth usually occurs during sleep, and they are more likely to enter deep sleep in dark conditions. Medical studies have shown that growth in children during sleep is affected by light, so even if you don't buy blackout curtains, you should never install night lights in children's rooms.

The principle of blackout curtains

The principle of blackout curtains is divided into chemical blackout and physical blackout. Chemical blackout involves adding a coating to the hanging layer of the curtain, which may involve the use of glue and emit a stimulating odor. Physical blackout involves either weaving a layer of black silk between two layers of fabric or using blackout lining in matching colors sewn inside the curtain. In principle, physically blackout curtains are safer, but they may be more expensive in price.
Choosing the Right Hanging Header Style
The hanging style of blackout curtains significantly influences their effectiveness in blocking light. For optimal results, opt for french pleat/tailored pleat or rod pocket.These styles ensure minimal light leakage, unlike tab top or hanging rings, which may permit light to enter, especially if the curtain rod isn't mounted well above the window.
Here are our highly recommended 2024 blackout curtains for bedroom:

Linen Blackout Curtains:  Lullaby Blackout Linen Textures Curtains

Light Blocking:100%

This curtain utilizes physical blackout technology, weaving a layer of black silk between two layers of fabric. Both sides feature the same fabric, ensuring a uniform appearance even when viewed from outside the window, avoiding any awkward inconsistency in texture and color. Additionally, this curtain comes in 10 different colors, allowing you to choose a matching color according to your bedroom's decor style. Linen curtains, with their unique texture, emit a relaxed atmosphere, making them perfect for creating a tranquil ambiance in the bedroom.


Thickened velvet curtains: Nanov Blackout Velvet Drapery Curtains

Light Blocking:100%

Velvet curtains, as a high-end type of window treatment, boast a luxurious texture with a delicate velvety touch and substantial weight (Fabric Weight: 322GSM), providing complete blackout. Due to the dense pile on their surface, they offer excellent sound absorption, making them widely favored in bedrooms, theaters, and concert halls. Their superior performance is evident. Curtains made of velvet exhibit exceptional water absorption, even surpassing that of cotton by twice the amount. Furthermore, during the manufacturing process, no chemicals are added, ensuring safety and environmental friendliness, making them suitable for use in children's rooms. Additionally, the low thread density of velvet curtains enhances their durability, while their drape is remarkably pronounced, adding an air of opulence and luxury to any bedroom once installed.

Chenille Curtains: 

Cocove Coconut Tree Texture Heavyweight Curtains

Mivle Stripe Charm Chenille Curtains

Lylac Cashmere Chenille Curtains

Shell Arch Texture Curtains

Light Blocking:85%~99%

In recent years, chenille curtains have become increasingly popular. This type of fabric possesses the following advantages:

  • Possesses windproof and heat-insulating properties, and its soundproofing capability is also commendable. While not fully blackout, it offers a high degree of shading ranging from 85% to 99%. The darker the color, the higher the shading level.
  • With full plush surface and offers excellent tactile sensation, along with good water absorption and drapability.
  • Excels in antibacterial and mold-resistant properties, typically resisting mold and deterioration unless stored in exceptionally damp environments.
  • With highly decorative, providing a satisfying visual experience after printing or embroidering, thus often used for decorative purposes as well.

In summary, whether as decorative or blackout curtains,chenille curtains are an excellent choice, creating a tranquil and comfortable home environment.

In conclusion, selecting the perfect blackout curtains involves considering various factors such as hanging style, material, additional functions, color, and type of light blocking. By prioritizing your specific needs and preferences, you can create a sleep-friendly environment that aligns with your aesthetic vision.